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The CTV Brand Safety Solution You've Been Missing

Imagine after finishing a long day that you're sitting down to stream the latest episode of the top gritty true-crime thriller of the moment. As soon as the killer commits another grisly act of violence, a commercial cuts in showing that bright and bubbly ad for diapers from this morning’s client.

Why Brand Suitability is Important in 2023 and Beyond

Daily digital media consumption is predicted to increase by nine minutes to eight hours and 23 minutes in 2023. That’s a lot of time spent reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and viewing shows and movies online. This is great news for the digital advertising industry. The opportunities for marketers to reach and engage consumers are virtually endless with so much of our lives now being spent online.

How to Limit Brand Safety Risk in CTV Advertising

While CTV advertising is becoming an increasingly popular outlet for programmatic ad spend—with 66% of advertisers planning to increase their CTV budgets—the practice is not without its brand safety risks. Knowing how to limit brand safety risk in CTV advertising should be a priority for any company looking to scale to these channels this year and beyond.

The Complete Brand Safety Guide for Advertisers

No matter your industry, reputation matters, especially regarding the sites you choose for digital advertising without relying on users’ personal data. Organizations are (or, at least, should be) increasingly concerned about brand safety; consumers and clients have more choices than ever when it comes to purchases and services. One poorly placed ad could mean the difference between landing a new client and attracting the scorn of the..

What is "Made for Advertising" and Why Should You Avoid It?

In May of this year, eMarketer predicted that programmatic advertising spend would surpass $115 billion in the US in 2022. Jounce Media released a report estimating that about 12% of programmatic display ad budgets go to Made for Advertising (MFA) websites.

Introducing Reticle to Peer39’s Contextual Data Marketplace®

Following the deprecation of the cookie and changes to user privacy policies, advertisers are actively seeking out innovative solutions to maintain ad relevance. Based on its history of driving performance without the need for cookies, contextual targeting is eliminating media inefficiencies by ensuring advertising investments are delivering in suitable contexts. Programmatic media is efficient at maximizing reach and..

Now is the time to explore cookie-free tactics

“The internet has dramatically expanded the modern marketer’s tool kit, in large part because of one simple but transformative development: digital data” (HBR) This evolution of marketing has happened at great speed, and cost—primarily to consumers. The too-often unchecked use of data has resulted in significant changes to browser controls, and privacy regulations that protect the consumer. Of course, marketers have gotten..

Insights for adopting a modern approach to brand safety

The events of 2020 have shown advertisers and brands undeniable proof that the way we’ve done advertising for years has limitations that impact the effectiveness of ad campaigns. The legacy brand safety practice of blocking is an all-or-nothing approach that reduces available impressions on high-quality content that actually is safe, as we found in the early days of the pandemic. Shifting focus from safety to suitability The..

Brand suitability: What we’ve learned and where we’re going

The internet has made it easy for anyone who wants to build a platform to share ideas and information as ad-supported content. While this is generally a positive development, it also presents brands with the challenge of ensuring they aren’t funding harmful content. So, while behavioral targeting and automation have expanded the opportunities available to brands, these advances came with a need to address brand safety. The use of..

Contextual targeting: Say goodbye to cookies and hello to context

Every day brings us closer to the time when cookies aren’t an option for advertisers anymore. The news of cookies going away isn’t all bad, though. After all, cookies have their fair share of problems in terms of relevance for consumers. Just about everyone has a story like one of these: You buy something and then see ads for the item you’ve purchased all over the sites you visit for days or weeks. You buy a gift for someone—let’s..