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The CTV Brand Safety Solution You've Been Missing

Imagine after finishing a long day that you're sitting down to stream the latest episode of the top gritty true-crime thriller of the moment. As soon as the killer commits another grisly act of violence, a commercial cuts in showing that bright and bubbly ad for diapers from this morning’s client.

Ad Adjacency: Key Considerations and Tips for 2023

Where and when ads appear—and what content they appear next to—has long been a concern for digital marketers. But that concern is growing in urgency. New channels and increasingly complex digital platforms have made it tricky to keep track of all of the different contexts in which ads can appear, creating risks to brand suitability and reputations. Ad adjacency, therefore, has emerged as a serious consideration for advertisements in 2023. 

How Does Contextual Advertising Work?: Our Guide for 2023

This will prove to be a dynamic year for digital advertising, with the deprecation of third-party cookies looming, new privacy regulations on the table and legacy behavioral targeting tactics falling by the wayside. Advertisers need new strategies to reach and engage their target audiences cost-effectively and efficiently without failing to comply with user privacy guidelines or annoying consumers. 

Contextual vs. Behavioral Targeting: Why Brands Need to Know the Differences

Cookies (especially third-party cookies) have long been the backbone of digital marketing efforts: behavioral targeting. However, the end of the cookie is near—and so, too, may be the end of behavioral targeting’s reign as digital advertising’s go-to for reaching target audiences.

How Connected TV Advertising Works

With programmatic inventories shrinking, and costs rising, understanding how connected TV advertising works will help you maximize your return on investment from this growing medium. 

Why Brand Suitability is Important in 2023 and Beyond

Daily digital media consumption is predicted to increase by nine minutes to eight hours and 23 minutes in 2023. That’s a lot of time spent reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and viewing shows and movies online. This is great news for the digital advertising industry. The opportunities for marketers to reach and engage consumers are virtually endless with so much of our lives now being spent online. 

What Is Pre-Bid Targeting, and How Does It Drive Performance?

Everything seems to be getting faster. The speed at which businesses do, well, business, continues to accelerate. Digital and CTV advertising are no exception; speed is crucial for all types of digital advertising, but it’s especially pertinent regarding pre-bid targeting. But before we get into why speed matters, let’s take a high-level view of how pre-bid targeting works to set the stage. 

How to Limit Brand Safety Risk in CTV Advertising

While CTV advertising is becoming an increasingly popular outlet for programmatic ad spend—with 66% of advertisers planning to increase their CTV budgets—the practice is not without its brand safety risks. Knowing how to limit brand safety risk in CTV advertising should be a priority for any company looking to scale to these channels this year and beyond. 

Alternatives To Cookies: How Contextual Targeting Amplifies Ad Spend

Cookies have long defined online marketing. But soon, certain types of cookies will be phased out of the digital advertising industry all together. Here’s why and how to evaluate some alternatives to third-party cookies in your marketing strategies.