Navigating (or Staying Away From) the Political Media Storm During the 2024 Presidential Election

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Navigating (or Staying Away From) the Political Media Storm During the 2024 Presidential Election
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In the ever-evolving landscape of political media, the 2024 Presidential election stands out as a pivotal moment, marked by extensive candidate coverage, heated debates on crucial social and political issues, and an unprecedented outpouring of content. Brands, political campaign teams, and advertisers each need to know how to effectively navigate this political media storm while ensuring alignment with their messages and values. 

Peer39 recognizes the need for campaigns to strategically target their audiences amidst this extensive coverage,  offering pre-bid brand safety and contextual targeting solutions to help advertisers optimize their campaigns and maintain brand safety and suitability. Brands and advertisers can align their content with relevant political themes, reaching audiences actively engaged in political discourse. However, the key lies not just in targeting but in ensuring that the selected content is safe and suitable for the brand's image. 

Peer39's multiple Safe From solutions enable advertisers to filter out content that might pose a risk to brand safety, providing exclusions to maximize reach.

CTV Gets Political

Even in non-election years, advertisers were unknowingly running ads on Fake and Divisive Content Channels. Insights from our 2023 Programmatic CTV Benchmark Report show we've classified 10,000 channels as having Fake CTV content, and taking into account the 50,000 CTV channels we classify, that's 20% of all CTV environments publishing Fake CTV content alone.

Leveraging Peer39’s CTV tool suite of categories for targeting and exclusion of unsafe content,  advertisers can rest assured that their campaigns will not inadvertently appear alongside misleading or controversial content, maintaining the integrity of their messaging.

This is especially important for politically divisive content, where we have seen up to 49% of CTV ads run come from Fortune 500 brands who typically have the most resources and highest standards to uphold brand responsibility.

Didn’t get to check out our 2023 Programmatic CTV Benchmark Report?


Political Targeting With Accuracy

Working in conjunction with leading cookieless data providers like Experian, Goldfish, Newsguard, and Adloox, advertisers can enable valuable political, demographic, and affiliation-leaning segments across the web and CTV. 

These targeting options give campaigns the power to refine their targeting, ensuring that messages reach specific demographics and align with political affiliations. The ability to tailor campaigns based on demographic insights enhances efficiency and effectiveness, maximizing the impact of every advertising dollar spent.

Whether a brand or campaign is politically affiliated or not, it's vital that content align their values and targeting goals. Peer39's solutions empower advertisers  to navigate the political media landscape strategically, but also to capitalize on the opportunities it presents. 

By leveraging pre-bid brand safety measures, contextual targeting options, and CTV solutions, campaigns can optimize their reach, resonate with their audience, and make a lasting impact during the 2024 Presidential election.

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