Boost Online Video Ad Success with Peer39's Completion Rate Categories

Boost Online Video Ad Success with Peer39's Completion Rate Categories

Online video has become a dominant force in the world of advertising. Brands and marketers are constantly seeking ways to maximize their reach and engagement through video content – making it essential to optimize ad placements to ensure they are seen to completion.  A lot of money goes into creating these video ads for them not to be seen.

To address this challenge, Peer39 has OLV Completion Rate Categories, for targeting placements based on historical completion rates, paving the way for more effective targeting and improved ad performance.

The Power of Completion Rates

Completion rates, a vital metric in the world of online video advertising, reflect the percentage of viewers who watch an ad in its entirety. This KPI is a key indicator of ad engagement and the effectiveness of the content in capturing the audience's attention. Higher completion rates often translate to a better return on investment for advertisers, as that can mean the message is likely seen by the target audience.

Why Completion Rate Categories Matter

  • Optimized Engagement: Advertisers can focus efforts on desirable placements, ensuring that their message is seen by an engaged audience maximizing efficiency.
  • Budget Efficiency: Advertisers can allocate budgets more effectively by targeting placements with the right completion rates, ensuring resources are well spent. 
  • Enhanced ROI: Higher completion rates lead to increased ad effectiveness, ultimately translating to a higher return on investment for advertisers. 

Peer39's OLV Completion Rate Categories

Peer39 developed a solution to empower advertisers and marketers. Our OLV Completion Rate categories allow advertisers to assess and target placements based on their completion rates, ensuring that ads are delivered to the right audience in the right context.

Peer39 offers categories for  6-, 15-, and 30-second videos: 

  • High completion rate: Domains with an average completion rate in the top third .
  • Average completion rate: Domains with an average completion rate in the middle 
  • Low completion rate - exclusion: Advertisers can use this to automatically avoid placements   an average completion rate in the bottom third of all measured domains.

These nine categories optimize  user daily optimization as new domains are added and removed based on average performance across all campaigns.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Peer39's OLV Completion Rate categories is easy – access these categories through the Peer39 Platform or directly through a DSP of choice.  Fine-tune targeting strategies ensure that ads are displayed on placements that align with campaign objectives.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to to get recommendations.