Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Socialcontext and Peer39

Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Socialcontext

One of the main reasons we created the Contextual Data Marketplace(™) was to bring partners with interesting data sets and sources to the programmatic world. One of our partners, socialcontext.ai, epitomizes that effort and why it’s important to advertisers by offering the ability to target audiences as they read important, socially conscious news. Socialcontext detects diversity, equity and inclusion news content using patent-pending deep learning Socialcontext was built by journalism, advertising, and data science professors at the University of Colorado Boulder. They positively target news articles, and offer unrivaled precision and safety, at no additional cost. As such, Socialcontext allows

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CTV Targeting Just Got Better With Purchase Affinity and Demographics Categories

On the heels of our Connected TV Suitability release, we’re delighted to share that advertisers can add more granularity to their CTV campaigns with location-based targeting when using data from applicable Contextual Data Marketplace partners.  Want to find Pet Enthusiasts (or other buyer groups with Purchase Affinity) in a specific location for your

Announcing New CTV Suitability Categories to Power Pre-bid Contextual Targeting and Performance at Scale on Advertising’s Fastest-Growing Channel

Connected TV is the fastest-growing advertising channel, and with good reason.  While COVID-19 helped accelerate CTV adoption, the trend shows no signs of tapering off into 2022 and beyond: Leichtman Research Group said over 80% of TV households have at least one CTV device, a penetration higher than cable TV.  eMarketer projects that

A unique approach to brand suitability with DeepSee

There are a number of methods brands use to ensure brand suitability  – most involve measuring publisher quality using reports from Invalid Traffic (IVT) vendors.  These reports, generally speaking, are based on aggregated impression data about the quality of the visitor, not necessarily the quality of the publisher itself. They only scratch the

Take control over your media investment with the expanded Contextual Data Marketplace

Peer39 is proud to announce the addition of a handful of new contextual data providers to our Contextual Data Marketplace™, bringing the total to 14 partners.  These new partners join NewsGuard, Reticle, and Planalytics in rounding out the suite of brand suitability, and cookie-free data with datasets that provide more precision and control

Peer39 Grows Contextual Data Marketplace with New Providers and Modern Controls for Responsible Media Investment

Additions include cookie-free targeting options and controls to fund credible journalism and avoid misinformation, copyright infringement and toxic narratives New York – September 14, 2021 — Peer39, the leading global provider of pre-bid keyword, contextual, and brand safety solutions for modern marketers, today announced the addition of new contextual data providers to its