Finance concept: Hands typing on a laptop with overlay of bar and line charts

Capitalize on audience interests in finance industry

One of the most significant advantages of contextual targeting as a cornerstone of your advertising strategy is the ability to build a more compelling and complete story that resonates with your audience.  The challenges of finance marketing With the finance industry slowly growing its digital ad spend, marketers are looking for ways to stand out from competitors and adopt tools, tactics, and systems that are measurable so they can analyze and improve results.  In addition to regulatory compliance requirements, finance marketers face some challenges in reaching their audience with a compelling message. There are several reasons for this: Many consumers aren’t knowledgeable about financial products. Content about financial products and services tends to use complex language. The rocky trust relationship between consumers and the finance industry. The right message in the right place Effective messaging will help consumers see how they can benefit from financial products and point them to useful content so they can make informed decisions. Using plain language, free from jargon, and

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark an influx of major consumer holiday spending

Experts on Black Friday/Cyber Monday predict that this year will be Bigger than previous years. Forecasts are coming in over $140 billion, with e-commerce sales growing from 14% to 18% – an increase to the 11.2% recorded in 2018. Shoppers are expected to spend close to $1,500 per household during this holiday season.