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What is Cookieless Targeting?: A Complete Guide

Love them or hate them, third-party targeting cookies are going away. We’ve arrived here through new technology and systems of one form or another, some more disruptive than others.

Contextual Advertising: What it is, how it works, and why to use it

Historically, digital advertisers relied heavily on behavioral targeting - powered by browser cookies This tactic misses the mark for real-time content-consumption relevance to what the user is reading or watching. Users are shown ad content that may not be relevant or applicable in the context or at the time they see it. This is where contextual advertising improves impact.

Experian joins Peer39 Contextual Data Marketplace®

When we launched the Contextual Data Marketplace®, the goal was to bring privacy-safe data sources to contextual strategies. Experian is our newest Contextual Data Marketplace partner, giving advertisers privacy-safe, cookie-free, location-based data for Purchase Affinity and Demographics categories.

Peer39 Interview Series: Reticle's Josh Rosen

We recently sat down with Josh Rosen, President of Reticle - a brand intelligence firm specializing in A.I.-informed emotional content. Reticle was developed out of Hotspex Media to address the growing need of connecting emotional relevance intent of advertisements to contextual environments.

Oh where, oh where has my CTV buy gone?

Quality, Context, Optimization The rapid rise of connected TV doesn't mean that all inventory is brand-safe and premium. And it also doesn't mean that you're able to start with the same kinds of controls that you have in other media.

Peer39 Interview Series: socialcontext's Chris Vargo

Chris Vargo is an associate professor of advertising and analytics at the University of Colorado Boulder. He teaches in the College of Communication, Media and Information and the Leeds School of Business. His courses focus on marketing, machine learning, news, and media analytics. He is a co-founder and CEO of socialcontext and a Partner in Peer39’s Contextual Data Marketplace. We spent some time with Chris recently to learn more about..

What we know about Google’s announcement and what you should start doing now

Google’s recent announcement regarding the Topics API is the next step in the evolution to a cookieless world. If you weren’t keeping up with all the relevant proposals, here is a summary of what’s happening and why it’s relevant. The Topics API is replacing Google’s FLoC proposal, which assigned users to certain audience groups by web behavior, tracked by the browser. Users were still being monitored by Google, much in the same way..

Peer39 Launches Show-level Transparency Reporting for CTV, Ushering in New Era of Programmatic CTV Clarity

For the First Time, CTV Buyers Gain Consistent Visibility of Show-Level, Channel, Content, And Delivery PerformanceOffering Rounds off a Full Suite of CTV Targeting, Suitability and Transparency Tools Normalizing Activation and Measurement Data Insights for Buyers New York – January 18, 2021 – Advertisers have been eager to capitalize on CTVs astounding audience growth. Yet their CTV buys have lacked the transparency and uniform..

Get More Visibility into Connected TV with the Peer39 Transparency Report for CTV

The accelerated trend of smartTV and streaming-service adoption was fueled largely by pandemic lockdowns. Consumers expect more choice, flexibility and control. As a result, the landscape of what was once solely linear TV is changing; most people now include streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube when they think of “television” formats.

Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Socialcontext

One of the main reasons we created the Contextual Data Marketplace(™) was to bring partners with interesting data sets and sources to the programmatic world. One of our partners,, epitomizes that effort and why it’s important to advertisers by offering the ability to target audiences as they read important, socially conscious news. Socialcontext detects diversity, equity and inclusion news content using..