Insights for adopting a modern approach to brand safety

Insights for adopting a modern approach to brand safety

The events of 2020 have shown advertisers and brands undeniable proof that the way we’ve done advertising for years has limitations that impact the effectiveness of ad campaigns. The legacy brand safety practice of blocking is an all-or-nothing approach that reduces available impressions on high-quality content that actually is safe, as we found in the early days of the pandemic

Shifting focus from safety to suitability

The industry has been working to address the problem of brand safety, which led to the formation of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) and development of the GARM Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework

In response to the release of the GARM standards, Peer39 released new brand suitability controls so you can select the right risk levels for each category based on your brand’s needs.

Suitability insights for planning

In addition to the new brand suitability controls, we’re going to publish monthly Suitability Insights that will provide valuable data to help you understand how the controls impact inventory and volume as you plan your campaigns. It’s all about determining what’s a good fit for your brand.

Breaking news—to block or not to block?

Let’s say you’ve been blocking the news category—all of it. With these insights, you’ll be able to see the volume of inventory that can be opened up by using the various controls. 

In fact, the November 2020 report showed that approximately 20% of breaking news content is classified as medium, relating to death, injury and military conflict. With this information, you can identify whether you want to bid in the context of a breaking news story. 

The GARM definitions also serve as key settings for publishers that may have experienced overblocking to advise their buyers when setting up their controls for PMPs, buys in the open exchange, and when setting up controls in DSPs.

Building your brand’s unique suitability profile

The Peer39 monthly Suitability Insights analyze global volume across all of the major contextual categories overlayed with the new GARM categories. 

As we all adapt to the GARM suitability standards, these insights will give you the data you need to understand the impact of how you build out your brand’s suitability or risk profile for ongoing ad buys.

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