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CTV Targeting Just Got Better With Purchase Affinity and Demographics Categories

CTV Targeting Just Got Better With Purchase Affinity and Demographics Categories

On the heels of our Connected TV Suitability release, we’re delighted to share that advertisers can add more granularity to their CTV campaigns with location-based targeting when using data from applicable Contextual Data Marketplace partners. 

Want to find Pet Enthusiasts (or other buyer groups with Purchase Affinity) in a specific location for your CTV targeting? You got it.

Want to layer Demographics into your CTV campaigns in the locales that matter to you? Done.

Want to reach people shopping for health supplements around your retail outlets? Check.

All of these combinations — and a lot, lot more — are now opened up with the Contextual Data Marketplace data categories and location-based targeting for your CTV campaigns.

Don’t stop there. Layer on contextual or other targeting categories, like Safety & Suitability, Bottom line is that we can help you reduce waste and focus on the areas and audiences that matter most to your goals.

Bringing Contextual Data Marketplace partner data together with privacy-safe location-based targeting gives advertisers additional control in fine-tuning where placements run. Tailor campaigns to the locations that matter most. When it comes to CTV, use the right data and then segment audiences where you want to run, rather than spread across the country.

Add Precision to CTV Campaigns with Privacy-Safe Demographics, Partner Affinity and other Content Data Marketplace Categories 

This isn’t device targeting, it’s not lat/long targeting, or IP targeting — this is privacy-safe location targeting. And since more than a quarter of consumers think it’s important for brands to communicate with them based on contexts such as their location and  more than a third think it’s cool for companies to serve ads to them based on their location, you’re able to be relevant to them without being intrusive.

It also enables using creative that’s the most relevant to geographic locations and the data categories you’re using — whether that’s changing business addresses by locale or completely different offers by area. 

We’re continuously expanding our OTT-CTV capabilities in response to market demand and look forward to continuing to work with partners and advertisers to innovate in this space.