Oh where, oh where has my CTV buy gone?


David Simutis
Oh where, oh where has my CTV buy gone?

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The rapid rise of connected TV doesn't mean that all inventory is brand-safe and premium. And it also doesn't mean that you're able to start with the same kinds of controls that you have in other media.

When you're unable to pinpoint where your CTV ads actually run, there's the risk of appearing in all sorts of places where you might not want to: wallpapers and screensavers, user-generated, gaming, pirated, or other types of unsavory or off-brand content. 

CTV advertisers need the utmost transparency into the environments, context, content categories, and audiences for their buys to ensure that they’re brand-suitable and within high-quality placements. Using streaming content as a replacement for linear TV isn't just porting over to a new medium; there's a lot of nuance to it.

Understanding the context of your CTV ad buys

With CTV reporting, it’s important to know details such as the show, app store, broadcast type, production type, and device/platform type of the inventory. The importance of this type of granular information is why we created the Transparency Report for CTV

It drills down into those kinds of details and more to give the context of where your CTV ads are running. This is how you will know if your ads are actually running on a screensaver or a mobile app – places that should never try to serve a CTV ad. 

You'd be surprised how often our report is the first time that buyers are made aware of that.

Optimize to the most suitable content categories 

Don't stop there: Once you know where you're running, use Peer39’s CTV targeting and avoidance categories to ensure your ads aren't running on inventory that's definitely not meant for CTV ads and instead scale your campaigns, and boost suitability by moving your spend away from content categories that aren't suitable. 

Refining CTV targeting with contextual data

Layering in additional categories such as location, weather, demographics, and even the reliability of online sources will help hone in on appropriate inventory. 

Peer39’s Contextual Data Marketplace includes partners offering more unconventional targeting data that we make available. This type of data is also a way to future-proof your advertising against the demise of third-party cookies. 

The CTV boom represents a critical opportunity for all players to bring more quality and transparency to the advertising ecosystem. Each advertiser that gets more visibility into their CTV buys takes a step toward making the advertising channel a safe, productive, and entertaining space for both their business and consumers. 


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