Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and AdTech Forecasts for 2024

CTV Cookie Deprecation


Ben Chansky
Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and AdTech Forecasts for 2024
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It can be easy to get lost in the electronics part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from Samsung's transparent TV's to a hair-dyeing brush from L'Oréal, there was a lot to be dazzled by.

One of the team from Peer39, VP of Partnerships, Alec Greenberg, didn't have time for the gadgets, just a full calendar of meetings and discussions with partners and soon-to-be partners. After getting home from his tenth CES, he had plenty to tell us about and somehow didn't mention the Imprintu Temporary Tattoo Printer or if he managed to get in a few minutes to play craps.

CES is known for bringing together leaders across all areas of technology to discuss the innovations and trends that are set to redefine the landscape for all of us. And sure enough, "there was a lot of conversation around third-party cookie deprecation, measurement and analytics, AI, the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, the normalization of CTV, and brand safety across environments," he said.

Three key areas stand out in relation to AdTech: ConnectedTV, third-party cookies being phased out in Google Chrome, and brand safety.

Advertisers Push For Normalization & Transparency as CTV Advertising Continues To See Buy In Across Verticals:

Q: What is the industry excited about in respect to CTV in 2024?
A: "More actionable data to inform campaign targeting and optimizations."

In the two years since CTV inventory has fully become available programmatically, the environment has seen massive growth year-over-year. 2024 looks to be no different, as CTV emerged a prominent theme at CES 2024. However, as CTV viewership skyrockets, advertisers are pushing for normalization of CTV data at scale. 


What is Normalization on CTV?

Normalization on CTV means taking the chaotic information being passed through the bid stream and turning it into a normal data set that advertisers can use to target, exclude and optimize CTV campaigns with 

With the right targeting capabilities, CTV offers brands the ability to reach specific, engaged audiences with precision. CES demonstrations highlighted advancements in CTV technology, such as interactive ads, dynamic content insertion, and new shoppable TV ads. For the AdTech industry, this signals a pivotal moment to adapt suitability strategies at scale that cater to the changing dynamics of consumer engagement through CTV.

Burnt Cookies Call For A New Recipe To Delight Consumers:

Q: As third-party cookies get phased out, were concerns raised about analytics that advertisers are looking to solve for?
A: "Absolutely. A big topic of conversation was about what to do once third-party targeting, and with it conversion data, goes away. Advertisers are looking for ways to see performance and optimize in a cookieless world."

With Google deprecating 1% of third-party cookies on Chrome immediately before CES, the news was a hot topic and the convention served as a forum to address the challenges and opportunities arising from this now on-going change. The overarching sentiment was brands and agencies alike are rethinking their targeting strategies.

The convention featured discussions and solutions centered around alternative methods for audience targeting, such as first-party data, contextual advertising, and machine-learning algorithms. Advertisers are prioritizing user privacy while finding innovative ways to deliver personalized, effective, and brand-suitable campaigns at scale.

Safety First, Please:

Q: What are concerns you heard about brand safety & suitability?
A: "There were two high-level takeaways in respect to brand safety & suitability: Firstly, advertisers are interested in using customized brand responsibility products that have brand safety, attention, carbon emissions, made-for-advertising protection and viewability all rolled into a single offering. Secondly, advertisers are very concerned about remaining safe on CTV."

Brand safety & suitability concerns, including contextual risks and ad fraud, underscore the need for robust solutions, a hot topic of discussion at CES 2024. Innovative approaches by data providers, such as customized brand responsibility solutions, have emerged to address multiple challenges simultaneously.

These offerings integrate attention metrics, ensuring ads capture viewers' focus effectively, carbon emissions data, MFA protection against inappropriate content - all of which enhance brand reputation. Although solutions like these provide advertisers with a secure and impactful campaign experience that aligns with brand values, advertisers are still looking for more, hoping to consolidate these offerings into a single solution. 

So, What's Next?

 Q: Any final thoughts for us?
A: "You could feel the energy at CES - everyone in attendance was highly engaged because there are a lot of concerns and a lot of opportunities in our industry right now. We are going into an election year, cookies are going away - everyone is trying to figure out what they ned to do to maximize this year."

The rise of ConnectedTV, the challenges posed by third-party cookie deprecation, and desire for customized brand responsibility products represent the continued need for adaptability and innovation. Advertisers are being called on to embrace these opportunities to connect with consumers in more meaningful ways, and leverage emerging technologies to deliver targeted, personalized, and privacy-conscious campaigns.

 If you didn't get to meet with Alec at CES, find him at  IAB's Annual Leadership Meeting from January 28-30:

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