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NEW Platform Features:

  • New DSPs: Peer39 data is now available on both Logiq and mediasmart

UPDATED Platform Features

  • Request Example URLs for any Peer39 category. In any of the Planners, right-click on any category and choose " Request to receive example URLs," once the list is generated, a list with the category example URL list will be sent via email.
  • Export URL Examples list to Excel. When building or managing custom-keyword categories you can leverage the URL Examples feature, which provides real-time examples of pages that match your custom keywords, you can now export all URLs.
  • Category definitions visible in Planning tools. Hover over select Marketplace categories in the Planners to view definitions for more accurate targeting.
  • Enhanced automation and integration with select DSPs
    • Custom Categories are now automatically released to Adform.
    • Custom Categories are now available through DV360.

NEW to Peer39 Taxonomy

Safety & Suitability


Page Signals

  • Article Page is now available for targeting


Two new auto manufacturer categories are available

  • Automotive : Manufacturers : Tesla
  • Automotive : Manufacturers : RAM

Interest : Lifestyle

Contextual Data Marketplace

    • Contextual Data Marketplace partners that use ZIP code information as part of their data offerings are available for CTV, as part of privacy-safe, location-based Contextual Data Marketplace categories. This includes Weather, Planalytics, Goldfish, Burbio, Demographics and Purchase Affinity.
    • NEW Marketplace partners
      • The Global Disinformation Index (GDI): Ensure brands are funding credible journalism, not disinformation/fake news
      • Factmata: Avoid threats and risks related to narratives in toxic content
      • Socialcontext: Target news content that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion
      • DeepSee: Target sites with great user experiences and avoid risky/fraudulent sites
      • Goldfish Ads: Target where time and place intersect
      • Burbio: Target important school start dates and holidays by zip code
      • Adloox: Target using high time-spent and highly viewed placements
      • Demographics: Target by age, gender, income and more
      • Purchase Affinity: geo, propensity to purchase within a category