The opportunity for advertisers with Contextual CTV

With CTV forecasted to overtake all other viewing types, the very definition of TV advertising has changed: digital advertising and audience targeting now accounts for consumers who think of Pluto, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube when they think of "television." 

Even with this evolution, advertisers don't have to give up protection from poor environments or lose Safety & Suitability options. Peer39's CTV solutions give you pre-bid controls to ensure your campaigns run on suitable CTV content and reach the demographics you need for success. We provide analytics for CTV campaigns including data broken down by channel, show, and content genre, providing true transparency.  

Peer39 is Safety and Suitability for CTV

Peer39 keeps your ads from non-streaming environments such as screensavers, mobile apps or UGC, non-professional video categories, and other low-quality placements. These Fake CTV channels can waste upwards of 8% of budgets if left unchecked. Peer39's Safety & Suitability pre-bid categories were created specifically for CTV environments - Safety & Suitability requires knowing where your ad inventory is running. 

Verified Content Categories and Verified Valid Channels Categories keep you off of blind programmatic channels or unknown content categories.

Peer39 is Analytics for CTV

We give you information, not just data. 

See how campaigns are performing against your goals, whether those are performance, brand safety, attention, or all of them – so you can track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Get the data you need, delivered as information you can use.

Contextual information on campaigns - even from categories not being targeted.  The analytics dashboard consolidates and displays data from a number of inputs, providing a visualization of performance, demographics, device, and browser types - across more than 150 dimensions for not only CTV, but display and OLV as well.

Peer39 is Quality for CTV

Trust the channels: Our categories include channels with names and logos you recognize and know are easily targetable across DSPs.

No Fake Content: stay off of wallpaper channels, game channels, mobile apps, and photo sharing widget channels.

Reach the right audiences: Use one of our more than 1,000 categories, like content, show genre, or demographics to ensure your ads are seen by the intended groups.

Peer39 is Scale for CTV

Expanded data: Go beyond publisher-declared categorization for 2-3x more coverage than most DSPs. Precision across more than 1,000 categories means no need to balance safety and suitability or accurate targeting to achieve scale.

Efficiently allocate budgets: Adding programmatic CTV to your mix either as a compliment to or instead of direct deals because you can effectively reach the biggest audiences.

With nearly 200 genres and a half-dozen ratings categories, precision in CTV targeting has never been more granular or easy to activate. 


Reporting and Categories

Basic reporting is just data. Peer39 reporting gives you knowledge.

As CTV evolves and matures, advertisers need tools to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the CTV format, using Safety & Suitability and optimization data they've come to expect. 

Custom Controls and Normalized CTV Reporting

Unlike linear television, CTV is far more accessible to advertisers and provides superior control beyond scheduled programming or active content viewing. CTV advertising offers the intersection of display’s precision targeting with high-quality, long-form TV environments, reaching a target audience in the moments that matter.

Run campaigns on CTV with the specific category combinations you need to ensure safety, reduce waste, and improve performance. 

Build your own CTV targeting, including or excluding specifics from Safety & Suitability, CTV Service, Channel Categories, Demographics, and more.  

Our transparent analytics gives advertisers visibility across their CTV investments. Advertisers gain new and critical levels of transparency.

Ensure that ads are actually running in the kind of CTV content or streaming video you want. Our reporting is often the first time that buyers are made aware that video ads and media are being placed in non-streaming environments such as screensavers or a mobile app – places that should never serve a CTV ad. We also report on if ads are running in UGC, non-professional video categories, and other low-quality placements.

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