Contextual Data Marketplace

Marketplaces, not
just for audience anymore

The first-of-its-kind designed to give advertisers direct access to innovative cookie-free pre-bid contextual categories based on content such as web pages and apps, and those focused on the context of physical location. 

The Contextual Data Marketplace unlocks the programmatic ecosystem for third-party data providers by extending Peer39 technology and integrations to to bring new data products to digital display advertisers. 

Easily discover and activate data sets from a curated selection of innovative data providers bringing new dimensions to advertisers for insights and targeting at scale, on any DSP. .

  • Discover a diverse library of innovative pre-bid contextual categories based content
  • Access more contextual insights and planning tools for impression and volume availability
  • Create tailored combinations of categories 
  • Increase accuracy to find the relevant moments where the mindset of audiences are most receptive to your message.
  • Future-proof and create cookie-free targeting strategies for performance or scale
Contextual Data Market Place Capabilities - Peer39

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