Analytics for All

The circle of information that buyers can use for targeting audiences and campaign optimizations are shrinking. First-party data is one way to reach them and Universal IDs can add to that.

But those aren't enough to fully achieve scale or bring significantly high new numbers of customers -  and they aren't giving buyers the kinds of information needed for total campaign optimization. 

Buyers need to understand how the advertising environment and context of placements interact with each other, and how those interactions can be optimized.

As addressability signals deprecate, knowing the combination of channel quality, contextual information, content types, and attention is necessary for campaign success, efficiency, and performance.

Beyond third-party cookie deprecation on web inventory, CTV buyers need transparent, actionable data.

That's what Peer39 Analytics delivers with CTV and Cookieless Analytics.


Peer39 Analytics gives you information and knowledge that improves campaign performance and ROI.

This brings a fusion of modern performance metrics such as Attention and Viewability with key insights into Contextual, Safety & Suitability, Quality and Page Signals, and Page Sentiment. For CTV, content-genre and show-level insights are also paired with viewing environments and completion rates.

Track Ads, Not People.

With the full demise of third-party cookies, advertisers need analytics that will survive signal deprecation for both campaign health and optimization options. 

  1. Reporting is not tied to any ID or cookies.

  2. CTV's rise hasn't brought transparency until now.

  3. Keyword reporting brings precision to buyers' understanding of what drives success at the most granular level. 

  4. Contextual reporting provides addressability and visibility with performance measures.

  5. Gives buyers a normalized insight taxonomy that spans all programmatic media. These insights are easy to understand because performance is visualized for campaigns. 

  6. No additional cost.

  7. Easy to set up directly in your DSP. No re-trafficking of tags.

Across all channels, identify trends and patterns in your campaign data, so you can make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. Finally advertisers have visibility on what works and what doesn't across metrics and content unaffected by signal deprecation trends.

Because we provide contextual information about campaigns, even on categories not being targeted, you have a complete, holistic picture of where you can meet campaign goals.

Whether those goals are performance, brand safety, attention, or all of them – you can track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Get the data you need, delivered as information you can use, without needing a data scientist. Even with more than 150 different data dimensions, information is clear and actionable - tied to categories you can use for optimization.

Get started with the power of Peer39 Analytics today!