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As people's time and attention become more fragmented, we believe that to succeed; you need as much contextual understanding of your audience as possible.

We believe that it’s as much about the digital environment as it is about the physical environment. It's not just about page context on the internet, an app or a screen, but the context of a person engaging with that page on the web, in an app or on a screen.
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Context that Resonates

By taking a holistic semantic approach that goes beyond the words on the page and looks at the relationships between the words, we gain a better understanding of what the page’s content actually says. Something significant happens when an ad’s messaging is more than relevant but resonates within its environment: the content engages and captures the user’s attention.

Then, you can attain the magic trifecta,“ right place, right time, and right mindset,” for your brand.

Customizable for Your Needs

You want your messages to land in exactly the right contexts—but, none of the standard categories for targeting quite fit. What works for the flock may not necessarily work for you.

Understanding that you require a one of a kind approach, we offer you the simple-to-use, intuitive Custom Category Builder (CCB) interface. You can easily create your own unique custom categories with one-to-one matching.


Certain topics such as firearms, war and terror, profanity and hate speech are easily identified as harmful to brand image. Such association through ad placement adjacency can hurt and approaches vary greatly by advertiser–what is deemed unsuitable and unsafe for one, can be appropriate for another. 

The brand safety evolution–blunt instruments of the past that drove an overabundance of blocking are simply no longer acceptable. Modern marketers require the ability to control the degree of sensitive content that is suitable for their brand, campaign and message.

We provide buyers with these proactive tools to build these nuances control refining your brand safety approach. Our brand suitability semantic controls, which align with GARM’s brand suitability framework, are uniquely engineered for inclusion and exclusion decisioning that will both protect your brand while also unlocking valuable inventory historically blocked.

Preserve and protect your brand’s integrity at all times with  proactive measures, from the standard matters to  industry specific segments, to avoid these common pitfalls. 


Take control of your targeting

With the Peer39 Custom Category Builder, you can put the power and control of custom categories in your own hands.

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The Most Robust set of cookie free data available across the digital ecosystem


With over 300+ semantic categories to choose from, we help advertisers make sure that consumers receive messaging while they are in the best possible mindset.

Brand Suitability = Brand Safety in Context

Identify, plan and execute media aligned to content by your specific risk profile in accordance to GARM’s Brand Suitability Framework across their new 11 categories for Crime, Hate Speech, Socially Debated Issues among others.

Ensure safety for your brand by avoiding hazardous content such as Crime, Mature, Accidents and Death, etc. Implement industry specific brand safety segments for Airlines, Automotive, Finance, Clothing, Travel, Pharmaceutical and Oil to steer clear from negative industry related content.


Target areas experiencing specific weather conditions.


Ensure appropriate player size and position, avoid autoplay


Don’t miss out on mobile app inventory and engaged users—target apps with high user ratings, in-app purchases, and more.

Ad Fraud

Protect your investment by circumventing suspicious traffic and ghost sites.

Contextual Connected TV (CCTV)

Contextual planning and targeting toolset for new levels of visibility, accuracy, and scale around CTV data to inform campaign strategy decisions.

Page Signals

Target or avoid pages with comments, outstream, instream, native ads, strong social signals, or even content-rich pages with highly viewable inventory and minimal clutter.

Custom Categories

We know that one size does not fit all. Design your own categories to target to and/or avoid niche topics, safety concerns or your own list of URL’s and Keywords that suit your specific needs.


Sentiment - Identifies and categorizes opinions (sentiment) expressed in a piece of text, in order to determine whether the attitude towards a particular topic, product, etc., is positive or negative.

Viral and Trending

Predicted Viral - Trending content, based on popularity and readership. Updated daily
Trending - Content that has a high likelihood of going viral, algorithmically calculated using factors such as publish date and social media shares


Target contextual and brand safety in over 40 languages

About Us

Peer39 invented the category of Pre Bid non-cookie based data starting with Semantic-based contextual categories, then Brand Safety and then Page Quality. Since then it has continued to scale at the pace of RTB, and has brought to market many meaningful data points that advertisers find valuable, and predictable to use to scale their performance campaigns.

A new independent Peer39 means, page level intelligence for targeting and analytics with the most scale of any data provider available. It means continuous innovation and a commitment to quality for our customers and partners.

Technology Makes the Difference

Analyzes every page’s content holistically to understand the true meaning of the text/topic,
thus providing both scale and accuracy vs a 1:1 match keyword-based approach.
an infrastructure that can process every page in real-time and provide meaning on over 90% of them,
enables advertisers to access the most scaled data available in RTB.

Semantic + Scale = Results for Brands, Advertisers and Trading desks

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