Advanced Contextual Data

The industry’s largest and most accurate pre-bid contextual category library to find the most relevant, suitable, safe, and quality inventory to target.


With over 300+ semantic categories to choose from, we help advertisers make sure that consumers receive messaging while they are in the best possible mindset.

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Brand Suitability = Brand Safety in Context

Identify, plan and execute media aligned to content by your specific risk profile in accordance to GARM’s Brand Suitability Framework across their new 11 categories for Crime, Hate Speech, Socially Debated Issues among others.

Ensure safety for your brand by avoiding hazardous content such as Crime, Mature, Accidents and Death, etc. Implement industry specific brand safety segments for Airlines, Automotive, Finance, Clothing, Travel, Pharmaceutical and Oil to steer clear from negative industry related content.

Safety & suitability built for CTV
Easily avoid unsafe, unknown or unverified channels.

Get advice on how to advertise safely during COVID-19.


Target areas experiencing specific weather conditions.


Ensure appropriate player size and position, avoid autoplay


Don’t miss out on mobile app inventory and engaged users—target apps with high user ratings, in-app purchases, and more.

Ad Fraud

Protect your investment by circumventing suspicious traffic and ghost sites.

Contextual Connected TV (CCTV)

Contextual planning and targeting toolset for new levels of visibility, accuracy, and scale around CTV data to inform campaign strategy decisions.

Safety & suitability for CTV
Pre-bid contextual categories purpose-built to help CTV buyers avoid unsafe, unknown or unverified channels. Advertisers can now take advantage of the most robust set of targeting in this important advertising channel, including content, channel, production type, and now safety and suitability at scale, and with greater transparency into performance.

Learn more about Contextual Connect TV (CCTV) advertising.

Page Signals

Target or avoid pages with comments, outstream, instream, native ads, strong social signals, or even content-rich pages with highly viewable inventory and minimal clutter.

Custom Categories

We know that one size does not fit all. Design your own categories to target to and/or avoid niche topics, safety concerns or your own list of URL’s and Keywords that suit your specific needs.


Sentiment - Identifies and categorizes opinions (sentiment) expressed in a piece of text, in order to determine whether the attitude towards a particular topic, product, etc., is positive or negative.

Viral and Trending

Predicted Viral - Trending content, based on popularity and readership. Updated daily
Trending - Content that has a high likelihood of going viral, algorithmically calculated using factors such as publish date and social media shares


Target contextual and brand safety in over 40 languages

About Us

Peer39 invented the category of Pre Bid non-cookie based data starting with Semantic-based contextual categories, then Brand Safety and then Page Quality. Since then it has continued to scale at the pace of RTB, and has brought to market many meaningful data points that advertisers find valuable, and predictable to use to scale their performance campaigns.

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