The Peer39 Platform - Simple, intuitive, global

Enhance your targeting strategy with custom keywords and a tailored approach

Harness the power of unmatched global scale from 450+ million daily unique pages in a more cost-effective solution

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As the pioneer in bringing a holistic approach to contextual ad targeting, Peer39 technology leverages a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to analyze every element of a web page in order to deliver its full suite of page-level intelligence products available across every DSP.

With an easy to use, intuitive UI, the Peer39 Platform is where you can:

  • Create a new custom contextual categories
  • Upload up to 10,000 keywords per category
  • Get helpful suggestions to grow your list
  • See availability and volumes of categories in advance
  • Inform campaign strategy decisions–leverage the contextual planning and targeting toolset for new levels of visibility, accuracy, and scale through the entire Peer39 dataset or specific categories like Contextual, Suitability, Mobile App and Contextual Connected TV
  • Modify previously created custom categories on the fly

Boolean logic

Indicate "must have" or "exclude" keywords through right-click functionality. Apply Boolean logic to keywords within their custom category lists using logic to set targeting conditions for must have, and exclude. All keywords are standard by default.

Planning toolset

A set of forecasting tools that provide a view into impression opportunities within DSPs provide advertisers with more granular insights to inform campaign strategy. Five planners available–view by the entire Peer39 data set, or specific categories like Contextual, Suitability, Mobile App and Connected TV (CTV-OTT).

Peer39 Contextual CTV Advertising | Peer39

Intelligent page-level analysis

Unlike other solutions, Peer39 identifies and analyzes keywords and phrases in both the main text of the page and/or throughout the entire page, including the URL before the page is even run through the Peer39 classification systems.

Unique first-look technology

Roughly 90% of URLs are new every 24 hours. The Peer39 proprietary first-look technology that enables content classification the very first time a page is seen. This means more pages are matched to your keywords, up to 40% more inventory than competitors, giving you a larger impression pool sooner.

Available everywhere

Leverage your custom category built within the Peer39 UI anywhere you buy, across all programmatic inventory.

Get started today with an advanced approach to contextual targeting

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