Self-Serve User Interface

Custom keywords and a tailored approach to your targeting strategy.
Simple. Intuitive. Global.

Most sophisticated. Largest scale. Lower cost.


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Harness the power of unmatched global scale from 450+ million daily unique pages in a more cost-effective solution.

The Peer39 Self-Serve User Interface (UI) provides a powerful toolset to quickly build, activate and maintain your custom categories based on keywords, phrases, URLs, or even “safe from” keywords (“safe from” are sets of keywords you want to avoid)—in any language. Custom categories can be key to targeting the ideal context for your campaigns.

The intuitive design of the Peer39 UI allows you to quickly and easily create a new custom category, upload up to 10,000 keywords per category, leverage the keyword suggestion engine for helpful suggestions to grow your list, see availability and volumes of categories in advance, or modify previously created custom categories on the fly.

As the pioneer in bringing a holistic approach to contextual ad targeting, Peer39 technology leverages a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to analyze every element of a web page in order to deliver its full suite of page-level intelligence products available across every DSP.

Peer39 Custom Keyword Categoriess

Intelligent page-level analysis

Unlike other solutions, Peer39 identifies and analyzes keywords and phrases in both the main text of the page and/or throughout the entire page, including the URL before the page is even run through the Peer39 classification systems.
Keyword suggestion engine–sophistication, flexibility and choice

Keyword suggestion engine

The retooled keyword suggestion engine provides more sophisticated logic, increasing the robustness of keyword suggestions, providing results that offer many related keywords from as little as one keyword. The new engine delivers highly accurate, extensive results. More keyword choices give you a richer experience when constructing new custom categories, in addition to accessing more scale in available inventory. You can automatically import lists of up to 10,000 keywords, select one or multiple languages when creating a custom category and select which platform you want your custom categories available.

Category availability–standard categories

For any Peer39 standard, brand-safety and contextual categories, you can view the total estimated and daily average of bid requests within a timeframe of past seven days, three days or yesterday. This gives you insight into the volume of impressions available for categories you want.

Volume prediction–custom categories

Provides you with pre-bid visibility into the potential volume of the categories you’re building and looking to target by showing the number of URLs with those keywords, phrases, and the number of potential pageviews for each category.

Unique ‘first-look’ technology

Roughly 90% of URLs are new every 24 hours. The Peer39 proprietary first-look technology that enables content classification the very first time a page is seen. This means more pages are matched to your keywords, up to 40% more inventory than competitors, giving you a larger impression pool sooner.

Available everywhere

Leverage your custom category built within the Peer39 UI anywhere you buy, across all programmatic inventory. With Peer39, you can customize your access to page level contextually relevant inventory in the safest and highest quality environment at unmatched global scale.

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