Contextual Targeting, Planning & Customization Tools


The Peer39 Platform is where you can:

  • Build custom contextual categories–deploy to any DSP for CTV, web, OLV, and mobile apps
  • Upload up to 10,000 keywords or URLs per category
  • Get helpful suggestions to grow your custom contextual keyword targeting list
  • Create Analytics tags
  • View Analytics across more than 150 measured data dimensions for CTV, Display, Web, and Keyword
  • Understand volume of keywords and standard Peer39 categories.
  • Apply Boolean logic to keywords within custom categories 
  • Manage previously created custom categories 
  • Inform campaign strategy decisions–leverage the contextual planners for new levels of visibility, accuracy, and scale through the entire Peer39 dataset: Contextual, Suitability, Page Signals, Mobile App, Marketplace and CTV
  • Discover and access innovative cookieless pre-bid contextual categories based on content, like webpages and apps, and ones focused on the context of physical location with categories from partners in the Contextual Data Marketplace

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