Helping Basis Customers Migrate from Oracle's Grapeshot

Migrate your Grapeshot pre-bid categories and Moat Contextual, Viewability and Attention reporting without friction or interruption.


 Fill out the information below and the Peer39 team will take care of everything to keep campaigns running.

No contract or account setup required. 

Category setup is directly matched to Peer39’s pre-bid controls across Keyword Inclusion/Exclusion, Brand Safety (GARM/IAB), and Contextual Targeting for Web, OLV, and Mobile Apps. These seamlessly migrate and go-live the same day within your DSP of choice. 

Additionally, use Peer39’s post-buy reporting to understand Viewability, Attention, MFA, and Brand Safety across domains, context categories, and the rest of Peer39’s market-leading taxonomy - at no additional cost when using pre-bid controls.

For more information on migrating to Peer39, download our transition guide.

Our account team is here to assist and provide guidance on how we can help continue campaigns without disruption. Reach us at 

First, go to the Grapeshot UI and download your keyword list to upload here.