Contextual Connected TV (CTV)

Contextual planning and targeting toolset for new levels of visibility, accuracy, and scale around CTV data to inform campaign strategy decisions.

The opportunity for advertisers with ContextualCTV

Hundreds over-the-top (OTT) providers. Thousands of connected television (CTV) apps. Add in content owners, aggregators, and CTV devices.

The emerging landscape of CTV creates unique and complex challenges for advertisers to take advantage of all OTT and CTV have to offer.

Unlike many of the current CTV targeting solutions are manual, Peer39 has developed categories for CTV that provide advertisers with a granular level of detail and control and clear options for buying CTV-OTT inventory.

New planning tools, available in the Peer39 platform give advertisers more granular control and visibility into data that inform their strategy. CTV advertisers can identify how many OTT requests are available overall, across each OTT service or device, a particular network or cable channel, or segment the inventory by content category, and avoid unsuitable content.

  • Buy with confidence knowing what you’re targeting with OTT-CTV impressions
  • Avoid non-OTT content in CTV environments like mobile apps, or lower quality content
  • Reduced complexity buying OTT-CTV directly  through the DSP without having to assemble multiple relationships and Deal IDs
  • Drive efficiencies–through reduced friction, and increased speed to execute
  • Discover your audience by expanding beyond linear TV strategies and identifying new content available in CTV
  • Save time with auto-updates that eliminate the need for monitoring events or trends to manually update or adjust keyword lists. Peer39 OTT-CTV categories are self-learning and auto-update directly into your DSP.

Targeting use case examples

User-generated or mobile apps
Home and garden or only OTT content on CTV devices

The connected TV ecosystem

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same thing. All content on CTV is OTT, but OTT content can also be viewed on non-CTV devices, such as laptop or mobile.

The combination of Peer39 classification technologies (semantic, mobile, etc.) creates an opportunity for advertisers to find audiences in programmatic OTT-CTV beyond traditional TV channels and content. 

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