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Why scale is important in a pre-bid programmatic targeting, contextual, or brand safety solution

In the previous article, we spoke about why speed is important in pre-bid targeting, and how it creates more scale. In this article, we are going to show you how scale drives performance. 

Traditional keyword targeting …

Look up the term “Exact Match” as it relates to advertising, and you will see many articles that equate Exact Match to performance.

Exact Match keyword targeting means that a word or phrase is exactly matched to the word or phrase in a document, search, or webpage. There are other techniques or ways to expand on word matching in these environments, many of which match against more instances and capture more scale. These include:

  • broad match
  • stemming, or
  • probabilistic methodologies. 

These methods are promoted as ways to find more of the same, so if you are a search advertiser, this helps capture things like misspellings or words that you might type that would result in the same search results.

Stemming is a technique that reduces the word to its root and then looks at other variants.  

… versus pre-bid contextual keyword targeting

These methodologies might work fine in search advertising, but they are not ideal when using pre-bid targeting techniques like contextual signals for display and video advertising.

For instance, finding misspellings in web pages and articles does not add any scale, as there usually aren’t any, and stemming can often change the meaning of the word. Think about the differences between living and live, or organisms and organ. 

So while this may increase scale, it will do so at the cost of the meaning. Don’t get me started on probabilistic. Do you want to reach the right audience, or do you probably want to reach the right audience?

Those that sell advertising based on words are very interested in presenting options that will help you scale because it means more advertising revenue for them. If you can sell more advertising by expanding words to broad match and misspellings, then anyone who gets a portion of ad spend will make more money. 

Clearly, this is not good for the advertiser. Advertisers are looking for impressions that reach the right audience and perform. A tried-and-true method for driving better performance is an Exact Match methodology. 

The issue for other pre-bid providers is scale. If you use Exact Match, you will reduce the scale compared with using other techniques. 

Peer39’s capabilities and the sheer volume of pages we can process enables us to provide our customers with unmatched scale for their pre-bid targeting and avoidance strategies. Combining these capabilities with Exact Match means that you can reach the right audience, at scale, while maintaining a high standard of performance. 

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