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How you can achieve 50% more efficiency with a pre-bid programmatic targeting, contextual, or brand safety solution

In previous articles, we have demonstrated how speed creates scale in a pre-bid targeting solution, and how scale drives performance. We also discussed how both speed and scale can reduce media cost. This article brings them all together into a super efficient package.

There are a number of real and tangible reasons why speed, scale and performance drive these efficiencies. 

Let’s look at each individually.


When an ad opportunity comes up for bid in a DSP, the DSP is going to look in its cache for the contextual signals from the pre-bid providers. A provider that has an answer without needing to wait to process the page or for the cache to be populated is able to understand that page the first time and know if it should be targeted or avoided, without needing to wait.

Peer39 processes more than 1.3 billion pages per day and responds in real time (even for brand new pages not seen before).

Classifications expire within 24 hours, and the process repeats itself. 

Compare that to any other pre-bid data provider. Their process usually involves:

  • No first look.
  • Approximately 24-hour full classification. We have classified and thrown away our results in the time it takes others to classify a page.
  • A fraction of the number of URLs processed daily.

As a reminder, in this example, 41% of bid requests happened in the first hour.

Importance of Time in Pre-Bid Targeting - Peer39

If you are trying to avoid a category or keyword list, your ads will run on content like this until your provider can classify it and understand that it is negative.

The inverse of that is that if you are trying to target to a category or keyword list, your ads will not appear until your pre-bid targeting provider can classify the content and update their cache.


Peer39 has approximately 30% to 50% more scale than any other pre-bid keyword, contextual, or brand safety solution.

Scale is a direct result of our speed and our volume. Peer39 processes more than 1.3 billion pages per day and responds in real time. 

Compare that to other providers at 450 million URLs per day, and no real-time processing. 

In short: that leads to better performance.

Look up the term exact match on the internet and you will see many articles that equate exact match to performance. The issue for other pre-bid targeting providers is scale. If you use exact match, you will reduce the scale compared with using other techniques like broad match, stemming, or probabilistic methodologies.


Peer39 data is 20% less expensive than the competition (calculated based on custom categories at $0.25/m), giving you significant data cost savings.

Because Peer39 also has more scale than any other pre-bid data provider, we process pages and volume not processed by any other provider.  The result? Less competition on each impression because the pool of impressions is approximately 30% to 50% larger. This reduces your overall media cost

Our real-time capabilities and the sheer volume of pages we can process enables Peer39 to provide our customers with unmatched scale for their pre-bid targeting and avoidance strategies. This, combined with exact match, means that you can reach the right audience, at scale, with greater performance. 

Couple that with 20% less expensive data costs, as well as lower media costs due to less competition, and your media dollars will drive even more efficiency. 

It’s important to realize that you don’t need to change anything about your strategy, goals or budget. All you need to do is test Peer39 against your other pre-bid targeting or avoidance vendor, and experience the efficiency for yourself. 

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