Announcing New CTV Suitability Categories to Power Pre-bid Contextual Targeting and Performance at Scale on Advertising’s Fastest-Growing Channel

Connected TV is the fastest-growing advertising channel, and with good reason. 

While COVID-19 helped accelerate CTV adoption, the trend shows no signs of tapering off into 2022 and beyond:

  • Leichtman Research Group said over 80% of TV households have at least one CTV device, a penetration higher than cable TV. 
  • eMarketer projects that CTV households will increase to 115.2 million by 2025, from 106.4 million in 2021. 
  • The ad dollars will continue to follow, with IPG MAGNA forecasting CTV ad spend to grow by 34% in 2021 and to 28.4% year-over-year. 

These statistics point to an urgency for CTV buyers to gain access to the same brand-safety and brand-suitability options as other channels to guarantee their ads appear alongside appropriate and relevant content. 

Advertisers recognize this urgency, with 60% expecting to increase their CTV ad budgets in the next year, using a third of their total video spending, according to Advertiser Perceptions.

Peer39 now offers a solution in-market that brings Safety & Suitability to CTV.

This offering includes a group of pre-bid contextual categories purpose-built to help CTV buyers avoid unsafe, unknown or unverified channels. Advertisers can now take advantage of the most robust set of targeting in this important advertising channel, including content, channel, production type, and now safety and suitability at scale, and with greater transparency into performance.

We use a combination of automation and human verification to confirm proper classification of CTV inventory. 

Our CTV categorization happens in real-time, ensuring advertisers have access to inventory faster and avoid problematic placements the minute campaigns launch.

To help advertisers further drill down to meet their specific audience targeting and brand safety goals, we’ve created brand safety & suitability categories purpose-built for CTV that can be combined with channel and content targeting using CTV-specific categories such as Safe From Unprofessional Content or Safe From All Sensitive Content. This can be overlaid with:

  • Targeting by specific app stores (Apple, GooglePlay, etc.)
  • Device/platform
  • OTT service (Hulu, Sling, Tivo)
  • Content type (Discover, HBO, etc.) 
  • Production type (UGC, Professional)
  • Content category (Entertainment, Finance, Health, Nature, Sci-Fi, etc).

You can’t afford to miss out on reaching your audience through CTV, where they now spend so much of their time. 

Take advantage of brand suitability controls that apply a more refined and nuanced approach to contextual targeting for CTV. 

Log into the Peer39 Platform and see the CTV safety & suitability categories in the OTT-CTV Planner

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