Take control over your media investment with the expanded Contextual Data Marketplace

Peer39 is proud to announce the addition of a handful of new contextual data providers to our Contextual Data Marketplace™, bringing the total to 14 partners.  These new partners join NewsGuard, Reticle, and Planalytics in rounding out the suite of brand suitability, and cookie-free data with datasets that provide more precision and control over advertisers’ media investment, while leveraging privacy-friendly targeting to optimize their programmatic media. The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) – ensure brands are funding credible journalism, not disinformation/fake news Factmata – avoid threats and risks related to narratives in toxic content Socialcontext – target news content that promotes diversity,

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Peer39 and NewsGuard partner to help brands avoid fake news and untrustworthy sites

Advertisers can buy News category inventory with knowledge that ads only appear on pages from trusted, legitimate news media NEW YORK, April 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — News content accounts for nearly one out of every five targetable ad impressions online, creating a clear opportunity for advertisers looking to reach engaged consumers. Yet

Impact and options of the “coronavirus”: Three phases for advertising strategies

The outbreak of coronavirus and its pandemic status have had an abrupt progression in the news. Since January, we’ve seen the topic evolve from regular updates on news about somewhere else in the world to become the overwhelmingly dominant story in every country.  This massive growth in volume of coverage has created a

Report: How modernized brand safety targeting of News can unlock advertising opportunities

While the online ad industry has grown exponentially over the years, so has the importance of brand safety targeting and standards. Most recently, this has included brands manually adding to legacy avoidance strategies that have led brands down an over-restrictive path avoiding entire categories such as News.  Brand safety and blacklists: an outdated

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark an influx of major consumer holiday spending

Experts on Black Friday/Cyber Monday predict that this year will be Bigger than previous years. Forecasts are coming in over $140 billion, with e-commerce sales growing from 14% to 18% – an increase to the 11.2% recorded in 2018. Shoppers are expected to spend close to $1,500 per household during this holiday season.