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Peer39 and NewsGuard partner to help brands avoid fake news and untrustworthy sites

Advertisers can buy News category inventory with knowledge that ads only appear on pages from trusted, legitimate news media NEW YORK, April 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — News content accounts for nearly one out of every five targetable ad impressions online, creating a clear opportunity for advertisers looking to reach engaged consumers. Yet for all of the legitimate content available, fake news remains a scourge on the internet, with legitimate-looking sites popping up to take advantage of programmatic buying automation while propagating misinformation. Naturally, brands looking to buy news content want to avoid the divisive issues and low credibility associated with fake news. Peer39 and NewsGuard have collaborated on a new solution that helps brands find the right people in the right context, while also ensuring that ads appear alongside content from legitimate news media. Peer39, the leading provider of page-level intelligence, has incorporated NewsGuard’s database of trust ratings for thousands of news and information websites as an added layer of protection for advertisers using

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark an influx of major consumer holiday spending.

Experts on Black Friday/Cyber Monday predict that this year will be Bigger than previous years. Forecasts are coming in over $140 billion, with e-commerce sales growing from 14% to 18% – an increase to the 11.2% recorded in 2018. Shoppers are expected to spend close to $1,500 per household during this holiday season.