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Peer39 Data Helping Dedicated Media Customers Drive 500% Lift In Click-Through Rate

Buyers Utilizing Peer39 Data with Dedicated Media’s Targeting Platform Exceeding Campaign Goals

NEW YORK, Mar 09, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Peer39, the industry leader in page level intelligence technology, is helping ad buyers using Dedicated Media’s Advanced Decisioning Engine built upon their SMARTstack technology meet all of their online display campaign goals, while also outperforming targeting segments from other data sources.

In several cases, the use of Peer39 data has helped Dedicated Media’s advertiser partners double their campaign CTR goals, while heavily outperforming impressions purchased utilizing different data sets. In a recent campaign for a major automotive manufacturer, the combination of Dedicated Media’s SMARTstack Technology and Peer39 data drove a 500 percent increase in the client’s click through rate.

In a separate campaign for a computer software company, Dedicated Media’s SMARTstack technology identified Peer39 contextual segments that were 7 times more efficient at driving client conversions.

“The numbers our customers are seeing when utilizing Peer39 data show that pairing an intelligent ad platform like ours, with on-target data makes a huge difference in campaign effectiveness and performance,” said Chris Berman, COO of Dedicated Media. “By accessing industry leading data through Dedicated Media’s platforms, advertisers are not only hitting their goals, but they’re driving conversions intelligently and efficiently.”

“Effective ad targeting in a real-time environment requires combing through billions of impression each day to find the best possible page environment and context, in addition to the right consumer profile,” said Andy Ellenthal, CEO of Peer39. “Dedicated Media is able to deliver such high performing campaigns because its platform, in combination with our data, helps deliver to brands the effective ad placements.”

The story was first reported in Adotas here.