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Brandscreen Partners with Peer39 to Offer Environmental Targeting to Boost Ad Safety and Effectiveness for Brands

First DSP in APAC to offer targeting and exclusion at the page level and at massive scale.

NEW YORK, NY – August 30, 2011 | SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 31 August 2011 Starting today in the Asia Pacific region, brands and agencies are able to leverage page-level intelligence in real time, thanks to a first-of-its-kind partnership between Brandscreen and Peer39. Peer39’s quality, safety and category attributes are now available through Brandscreen to allow brands to take advantage of the efficiency of intelligent media buying while retaining control over the environment in which their ads appear.

Brandscreen will offer Peer39’s page level data to clients in order to maximize performance, increase scale and ensure brand safety in the rapidly evolving Real Time Bidding (RTB) ecosystem.

“We’re delighted to be the first DSP to offer page level data to clients in the Asia Pacific region,” said Julian Tol, Brandscreen’s CEO. “As an industry, we’ve learned that reaching the right audience in a relevant, quality environment is the key to advertisers achieving the scale and results they deserve. Our clients have been asking for insights into page quality and topic, and especially brand safety. The more actionable data available, the better it is for our clients and the industry as a whole.”

The first agency trading desk to benefit from this unique partnership is Ikon Communications. Phil Cowlishaw, Performance Media Director, said, “Bringing together Brandscreen and Peer39 for the first time ensures maximum levels of brand safety and pre-emptive protection for our clients, who are investing more and more through our Agency Trading Desk. The integration allows Ikon to unlock the true value and context of each available impression, before bidding, delivering enhanced performance results for our clients.”

Julian Tol said, “Brand Safety can mean many things to different advertisers. Some advertisers want to avoid objectionable content that may be inappropriate for their audience. Others may want to simply avoid misaligned content that doesn’t meet the objectives of the campaign or creative execution. Brandscreen technology allows agencies to enforce a precise, customized brand safety policy across all exchange-traded media.”

Peer39 works in real time to enable advertisers to target audiences in the right page environment, enabling more effective ad buy and bidding decisions. Using its semantic-based classification technology, Peer39 provides three channels of data, including quality, safety and category. Rather than looking at a domain to determine ad relevancy, Peer39’s approach looks at every page to determine ad relevancy by understanding the environment where an ad may appear.

“This flagship integration represents a significant step forward for the emergence of real time buying in APAC. Peer39 virtually invented the concept of page relevancy in RTB,” said Andy Ellenthal, CEO of Peer39. “Our attribute channels are the only pervasive data source that injects real time page level insight into every buy. In addition, as concerns over privacy and brand safety continue to evolve, the need to integrate quality and safety controls at the page level becomes a must have. We look forward to working closely with Brandscreen to ensure that the data we provide becomes an actionable addition to each buying decision for media buyers and planners.”