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Impression Data Reaches Olympic Heights

via MediaMind’s The Creative Zone

It only takes a quick scroll on Twitter or Facebook to know the 2012 London Olympics is living up to its nickname as the ‘social media games’. Twitter revealed more tweets were sent on the day of the Opening Ceremony than were sent during the whole of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. Social media is just one of the ways the Olympics are being consumed and shared online, as media outlets are also creating tons of great content that allow fans to follow the action of their country.

In preparation for this dramatic event, MediaMind’s Peer39 created a seasonal category for Olympics, offering advertisers a chance to take advantage of this overwhelming influx of impressions online. Peer39 has grown their distribution footprint even further in the past few months, processing billions of impressions across exchanges, SSPs and DSPs– worldwide. This world view shows what topics are trending online, across the globe.

Ten days out from the Opening Ceremony impression levels for the Olympics seasonal category were around 45 million. As the first soccer matches began ahead of the official opening of the games, impression levels were already double that of a week earlier. As the games began on Friday, July 27th, 180 million impressions were recorded.

There have been great contests at the gymnasium and in the pool so we’re expecting to see impression levels to stay at this high volume.